Orange Poof Comics

Orange Poof is the lovable self-proclaimed "anarchonihilist" and that will be explained in later comics. Everyone calls him and emo kid and he likes fires, drugs, making and listening to music, and being an asshole. Also known as "Kar" or "Poof" for convenience, or "Bob" by people who want to get stabbed in the thigh. Kenny is a hopeless World of Warcraft addicted nerd and, as such, has 0 points in the Getting the Ladies skill class. He maxed out his Pale trait and has a 3% chance of surviving encounters on Outside terrain. With the nerdy garbage out of the way, Kenny is generally a nice guy, yet somehow manages to be funny and insanely vulgar. Jeff plays a lot of Counter-Strike and soccer and likes to yell the same thing over and over and be obnoxious. He has been kicked out of every 711 in the state of Nebraska and South Carolina. He also speaks a lot of French, making him look really gay. He will without a doubt hit on your girlfriend so many times even SHE punches him. Nicole is Orange Poof's ex-girlfriend. Neither of them can figure out how they had any attraction to eachother, and instead just try to make conversations. However, having such radically different interests usually never works out, and both of them seem retarded to eachother. "TaB" is pretty much the coolest guy in Orange Poof's life, and isn't afraid to admit it. He eats a lot of drugs, but is afraid of needles, and hates everyone. He's obviously a major influence on Poof, and they're in a band called The Bill Cosby Band. Mashi is that weird furry catgirl that everyone is friends with and they don't care she's a furry. She is shrouded in mystery, I guess. Jeremy is Orange Poof's hated archenemy, an emo kid insecure of his sexuality. They like to throw glass bottles at eachother and get in knife fights, and Jeremy usually cries himself to sleep wondering about what gender he is attracted to when Orange Poof hits on him. Other people are other people, I probably forgot like half the cast from the original Poof comics